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Vision Therapy Testimonials

Jones Family

"We came to Kelly Vision Center in the fall of 2022 searching for direction in regard to our son. What we quickly discovered where not only answers, but support, encouragement, and hope. Not only did our son grow through Vision Therapy itself, but he also grew in self-confidence.

Being able to believe in himself was half the battle and with the support from the amazing therapist Mateen and the office staff, our son has now graduated from VT - something he is quite bummed about because of his love for his therapy times. We will forever be grateful for our time spent at Kelly Vision Center. - Signed, the Joneses"

- Jones Family

Spainhoward Family

Oliver has been attending weekly vision therapy sessions January of 2022. When Oliver first started he couldn’t read or write in a straight line and had a huge challenge with desk work. He also really struggled with a negative attitude toward school.

Within just six weeks of initiating vision therapy, Oliver showed improvement in his reading and handwriting. After a few months of vision therapy, Oliver started to enjoy school again and began completing most of his desk work. Oliver’s ability to focus has drastically improved and he is now able to read chapter books. His handwriting is very legible with no letter reversals. Overall vision therapy has been a tremendous success for Oliver and has improved his scholastic path.

- Spainhoward Family

Lewis Family

We began our journey with a child in kindergarten that was looking at the potential of retention. At that time, she read right to left, reversed many letters, and could not blend sounds together to make words. She did not enjoy being read to and many tears were shed when she was asked to read. She did not enjoy school and struggled with every assignment. Being an educator myself, I knew we needed to figure out what we could do to best support our child and what might be causing the delay in reading.

Through our search, we found Dr. Kelly's office. After a very thorough examination and evaluation, we were notified that our child was diagnosed with dyslexia with several areas of concern. An individualized plan was developed for in-office therapy and at-home practice. We began her vision therapy the summer after kindergarten and continued through third grade. In addition to in-office therapy, we continued to work at home with the program provided by Dr. Kelly's office.

We were regularly provided with data showing progress and we began to see a more confident student at school. Her grades improved and she began to get excited about school and reading chapter books. She truly enjoys learning, loves her school and is top of her class. She is currently in 8th grade and has received "A" honor roll every year with the highest GPA honors in several classes. I am so thankful for Dr. Kelly and the staff that worked so diligently with our child. We certainly would not be where we are without their intervention. I highly recommend Dr. Kelly's office and their vision therapy program to any family that has a student struggling academically.

- Lewis Family