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I’ve been going to target the last 5 years and this office visit was more than I expected. If I could give more than a 5 star I would. Patrick was amazing, professional and very thorough with what he did, his questions and explaining the details of what insurance covered. He went above and beyond than any other place I’ve been at. Dr. Kelly did an actual eye exam that was thorough that I questioned my previous eye Drs. She was very detailed and explained many things and how some health issues are related to the eyes. The lady at checkout was nice and pleasant and the whole staff really won me over with their knowledge, customer service and professionalism.
1 year ago
- Shayla F.
For anyone contemplating and researching getting LASIK, I recommend Kelly Vision Center and will tell you why herein. Growing up I always heard of Kelly Vision Center on the radio, but little did I know I would be having my LASIK Eye Surgery through them years later. I had been interested about getting LASIK for years and began researching for the Doctor responsible for the surgery and taking meticulous care of my eyes, something so important and sensitive for us all. I called numerous places, spoke to many office assistants and financial consultants, and attended several consultations, but Kelly Vision Center was by far the best, most responsive, informative and economically prudent practice I've encountered. The procedure is pricey overall, but Kelly Vision Center worked with me on meeting my goal price, something all the other centers were not willing to do. The procedure can be scary for anyone who has never undergone surgery; however, I felt completely safe throughout the entire time as Dr. Kelly talked through everything thoroughly. I cannot express enough how phenomenal the entire team and procedure was overall and highly recommend you seek out a consultation. It's been 1 month since my surgery and I am so thankful to be able to see this world clearly with my own two new eyes.
1 year ago
- Vanessa R.
My wife and I had our first visit with Dr. Marie today. What a great staff, friendly, knowlageable. She saved us a bundle of money and was very forth coming with information. I will recommend this company to anyone. They have the latest and greatest equipment and tell you what they are doing step by step. Thank you, Dr. Marie,
1 year ago
- Les C.
Dr. Kelly is the best! I honestly don't know what I would do without her. I am a difficult patient with lots of problems and she is always so sweet and caring.
2 years ago
- Cindy P.
Kelly Vision Center provides a family atmosphere that just isn’t found these days. They provide quality care coupled with an amazing staff that truly makes you feel at home. Highly recommend!
2 years ago
- Zeke G.
Loved how fast, professional, and knowledgeable the optometrist was. Staff is very friendly. Got recommend to thrm through a local FB group.
2 years ago
- Karen A.
I have worked in eye care and been a frequent patient with tons of issues. My doctor closed down for a few days which pushed me to find someone else after a chemical burn. Dr Kelly is amazing. She is sweet and detailed and quick. She saved me tons of money on meds but making extra phone calls right then. I didn’t have an appointment and she didn’t hurry me out. She was great.
2 years ago
- Nate L.